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How To kiss-Upon Approaching women

Most men want to learn how to initiate the first kiss.You need to ensure that the girl wants to get romantic with you before you initiate that first kiss.

Below are few ways to find out if the girl sees you as a romantic partner and is ready to be kissed:

1. Gently stroke the hair of this girl and see how she responds.

2. Hold her hands and gently squeeze them.

3. Slowly brush her arm looking into her eyes.

If she responds positively to two of the three then she is ready to be kissed. Don't worry if she does not squeeze your hand back or doesn't brush your arm. She is ready to be kissed as long as she does not ask you to stop or walk away from you.

Once you have tested that she is ok to be kissed. Step slowly towards her or pull her close and lean forward. Now kiss her on the lips. It is always better to give her a quick peck first then go for a longer kiss.

You can always pull back before you go for the next/long kiss but I advice not to. It is better to stay in the kiss position and plant another kiss right away. You can always look into her eyes, or hold her hands or hold her on the waist before going for the next kiss, the longer kiss.

It is possible that the girl may pull back when you go for the kiss even if she complied to all you tests.Don't assume she does not like you or don't want you to kiss her because she pulled back.

It just means that she did not see the kiss coming. She was a little surprised when you went for the kiss. It very could be bad timing or not relaying her your intentions strong enough before going for the kiss.

Go for the kiss right after the above three tests. It will reduce the chances of girl pulling back.

The girl will vocalize her objection or walk away from you if she did not want to be kissed by you. If she does neither of them she probably is looking forward to another kiss.

Test her comfort again by running the above three tests again.

If the girl is comfortable with you touching her again than you know she sees you as a romantic interest and you can go for the kiss again.You should have no problem getting a good kiss this time for she will be expecting it.

Here are few extra tips:

- Have a good breadth before you go for the kiss. Use some mint or breath freshener few minutes before the kiss.

- Don't go pouring your emotions on the girl after the kiss. It makes you appear needy and clingy.

- It is always a good idea to shave before the kiss else you will scratch her face.

- Try to kiss her in private and not in front of 50 people when you kiss her for the first time.

- Don't get upset if she rejects you. Don't try to convince her or argue with her.

- Make your first kiss more romantic by playing with her hair or holding her face when you kiss her. You could also hold her on the waist or hold her hands when kissing. Whispering in the girl's ear between kisses does magic for women.

- It is too obvious and boring to kiss at the end of the night. Be spontaneous by kissing her early in the night.

- Continue your conversation or activity after the kiss. You do not want to make things awkward after the kiss.

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