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How to Stay Friends with Your Ex

You might feel awkward meeting your ex again somewhere on the way to some place or in your friends place or might be in your own office.

Here are the steps:

1. Stay calm and relaxed.

2.If you happen to see him/her, just say hi or hello and ask her about his/her family or work life -- neutral topics.

3. Let go and allow yourself to start thinking of him/her in a new light that is separate from the concept of you and him/her together.

4. Don't try to talk to them all the time - it looks obviously desperate.

5. Send a message over the internet to your ex and say something along the lines of "I know we broke up but I would love to just be friends."

6. If they try to hurt you or make you feel bad just go away and forget about being friends with them, they don't deserve your friendship. they can let you go that easy and will always be like that.

Just treat them like a normal friend, and let them know there's no hard feelings.

Here are the Tips:

* Smile

* Text them or IM them, but not too often so they don't think that you are desperate to get back together with them.

* Try to remember that the past is in the past. No matter what happened, it only means as much as you let it mean. Sometimes loving or painful memories can affect how we feel in the moment- but you have control over how much weight you give your past when considering your present.

* Don't make comments about when you went out, just remember, you only want to be friends.

* Don't feel forced to be their friend. You don't have to call them or e-mail them or act like you're super-close. Treat them like you would treat anyone else. Exes are people too.

* Don't get revenge on them or try to. Also, don't attempt to make them jealous. That can and will wreck a friendship.


* Do not talk about your past relationship with him/her. And if you must, then think about what you say before you say it. It is a sensitive topic that has the potential to become hurtful and difficult to end on a good note.

* Do not try to find out why he/she dumped you (if you are the dumpee) and if you are the dumper, try not to make obvious comments on why you dumped them.


*If you want your ex back, don't be too desperate. Just wait because it needs time.

*Friendship is one great way to start or end a relationship.

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