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Resolve Marriage Problems

Marriage is a huge commitment to make. When you get married to your spouse, you take vows to love, honor, and cherish them for as long as you both live. You need to try your best to be the best spouse possible. A little kindness and sensitivity can go a long way.

You need to resolve conflicts that arise in your marriage before they build up into huge arguments. Here is a list of ways that you can resolve your marriage problems:

• Respect your spouse- lack of respect is a reason why people have marital problems. You need to be respectful of your spouse. You should not call your spouse names or ignore them when they are talking to you.
• Listen to your spouse- not listening to your spouse makes them feel unimportant. If you are not communicating issues that you have with each other, then tension will begin to build in your marriage. You need to talk about issues when they arise because if you keep your anger bottled up for long, it will eventually spark a huge fight later on.
• Have regular sexual intimacy-a lack of sexual intimacy drives couples apart. Many spouses cheat because they are not being sexually intimate with their spouse. When your spouse loses interest in having sexual intimacy with you, you feel unattractive and unwanted. You need to be close physically and emotionally in order to make your marriage work.
• Negotiate with your spouse- you do not always have to be right and win every single argument. You need to try and see your spouse’s point of view when you have an argument or discussion. Negotiation is good for both parties.
• Be honest with your spouse- honesty is the best policy in life and also in marriage. Lying to your spouse makes them distrustful of you. You need to be able to trust the person that you are married to. Never lie to your spouse because if you get caught you will be making huge problems in your marriage.
• Be generous- do not be selfish or greedy. You need to be thoughtful and think about ways that you can be generous with your spouse. You can be generous with your time by helping out with chores or errands. You can be generous in inexpensive ways also. You can show your spouse you love them by sending them a love you e-card, buying them a small present, or leaving them a nice voicemail message saying I love you. Do not always think of yourself, if you are getting up to get something for yourself ask your spouse if they would like anything.

It takes two people to make a happy and successful marriage. If both spouses do not cooperate and work together then the marriage is destined for failure.
When you get married you are forging an eternal relationship. You need to be equal partners and work together through the marital obstacles that you face. You need to be patient and open to communication and negotiation.

Hopefully, this article will help you resolve your marital problems and prevent further problems that might occur. A happy marriage takes work; if you invest your time and effort into your marriage then it will thrive and prosper for many years to come.

About Author
Aina Anderson is the Marriage Counseling Expert and Author of Marriage Advice Resources . You can find more information at
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